How To Restore The Beauty Of Your Lawn

The grass around your lawn will start to become unsightly in due time. This will result in a dead patch that won’t cover the entire lawn by the grass. While this cycle is pretty normal, most of us want to solve it immediately.

If you do not treat your lawn immediately, the weeds will rapidly grow and start to beat your beautiful grass. In order to avoid this, a method to restore your lawn called slit seeding can manage it. This will also treat the dead patch and start to regrow your grass.

What Exactly Is Slit Seeding Method And How Does It Work? 

This is the most common question for most people. To simply this answer, this method is used by professionals to replant the grasses of your turf.

A machine is necessary to do this method. And this machine is called, slit seeder which basically slices the soil using its sharp rotating blades under it. While it slices the soil, it also drops the seeds into the gaps.

This is a very good way of planting grass because the seeds are more intact and secure under the soil. Most birds and other animals won’t be able to eat the grass seeds making it more suitable for growing grass seeds. The germination success rate increases a lot compare with over seeder.

Slit seeding lawn is very effective however, there’s a bit of disadvantage. Using this process will require you to invest more money compared to some other method like overseeding. Still, this method won’t disappoint you in the end and you get what you pay for.

What To Prepare First Before Applying It In Your Lawn

Before you think about using this technique immediately, you must call your local soil tester to get a sample. You need to provide them a sample to make sure that your soil has sufficient nutrition and you can apply which type of fertilizer is lacking and effective in your yard later on.

Now you can think about what kind of grass would you like to plant. If you cannot decide, a lawn expert can look and suggest you which is the one that will grow best in your backyard.

You must also make sure that there’s no debris, leaves large stones or rocks, plastic, and even leaves scattered around your yard in order to make sure that the slit seeder will run smoothly.

In case you have already slice seeded your lawn, then you must water it every day for around two to three weeks. After that, water it more especially during hot seasons like summer to keep the lawn wet. It is also important to keep the falling leaves away from it to make sure that your lawn will get enough sunlight.

Once you have decided to apply this method to your backyard, call the nearby lawn experts so that they can check, and then suggest or give you more advice to make the slit seeding more effective.

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