Useful DIY Hacks to Save Your Time and Money

When it comes to doing things around the house, not all of us know where to start. Every homeowner, in fact, has a list of improvements they would love to make. Why not turn this month into the time you get started on those DIY deeds you have been putting off? Use our list of DIY home help hacks to blast through those chores and get back to business.

There’s no time like the present to start saving some money, either. Let’s look at the best ways to improve your home, without having to do very much at all…

Home Improvements that are Fast, Effective and Cheap!

It sounds like the dream but it’s no lie. You can improve your home using a few simple methods, sure to make life better.

Upping Storage Capacity

Looking for ways to improve home storage and don’t know where to start? Sugru moldable glue is your best friend. Not only can you use it to mend things that break, you can Use Sugru for no drill shelves, too. It has a whole list of other applications, sets into a waterproof silicon, and can even be used to fix a phone screen. 

Use Sugru to support your brackets and permanently put up shelves or go bracket less altogether with box shelves. Moldable glue holds anything up. It’s a useful product to have lying around the house.

Garden Irrigation

The avid gardener will know that they can’t be there to tend to the plants 24/7. When you are going on holiday, for instance, you may well come back to a dried up flowerbed and wilted plants. Now you could invest in a sprinkler system or some complex garden irrigation systems – or you could simply run a hose on a timer. Pierce the hose with holes, run it throughout your garden, and voila. An inexpensive watering system that costs you $20 instead of £200!

Solar Panel Surprise

Home improvements that have great ROI include solar panelling. A few sheets added to your roof might seem like a hefty investment, but it will work to save you money from the moment it is installed. A solar panel will eventually pay for itself in terms of power generated. On top of this, it will add value to your home. If you ever choose to sell, this one improvement could pay you back two or three times over…

Door Damage

Instead of spending $100 on a new interior door, transform the old one! Does it have a hole all the way through? Is there the chance for adding glass panelling? If not, you can patch doors with plaster in just the same way that you can use filler on a wall. You can use foil to forge shapes, fill in the damaged parts, and apply a layer of gloss or paint to the whole door. 

Indentation Management

Not a lot of people know this, but dented wood can be given an almost hidden appearance if you do this hack at home. Cover the area with a damp towel and simply iron over the damage. You should have a barely noticeable finish if you get it right.

Home Hacks Help

So don’t DIY your way to disaster. Take our advice, follow our tips, and your home can look suave without the high-end price tag.

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