Make Your House More Spacious with the Compact Tallboy NZ

Limited space in the bedroom or drawing room is always challenging for the housewife. It is difficult to accommodate all the necessary things within the small area. Remember the old days when grandma used a homemade hanging rack to accommodate certain things without consuming our precious spaces. 

But the old days are gone!! Here we have a tallboy, a type of drawers, which can able to keep maximum possible things inside it without revealing the product and make your house beautiful and of course spacious. Tallboy NZ comes in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes. You can choose as per your requirement of keeping products and space available. 

How to choose a perfect tallboy

The selection of Tallboy depends upon many factors mentioned below. You should have all these criteria in your mind while buying an ideal tallboy for your house.

  • The product you want to keep inside– 

The Size and shape of the Tallboy depend on this factor significantly. These criteria also decide the place where you should keep the Tallboy in your house. 

  • Space availability- 

This is another crucial factor to decide the size and shape of the Tallboy. You have ample space in your room then definitely you are free to choose any size and shape. In case of minimal space available, you should go for tallboy NZ having little longitudinal and lateral dimension but of greater height. You can buy Tallboy of six to eight drawers vertically.

  • Material- 

Apart from good quality material matching material significantly beautify your home décor. Choose the material the same as that of other furniture in your room. You can also select the body and chest both of different materials. 

  • Colour-

 Here is another important criterion of selection, which is vital for an aesthetic point of view. Matching with your house ambience is recommended. It does not only make your room aesthetically pleasant, but it will relieve your eyes whenever you enter in your room.

Different types of Tallboy

As per the number of drawers, Tallboy comes for following kinds-

  • Four Drawer- 

It comes in four drawers arranged vertically. This type is commended for rooms having little space.

  • Six Drawers- 

It comes in a combination of 3+3 drawers, or all the six arranged vertically, former is recommended for the room having little more space. 

  • Eight Drawers- 

It is a 4+4 combination. Four drawers arranged vertically and another four side by side. It must be used in a spacious room.

Style your Tallboy aesthetically

  • Placing- 

Indeed very crucial factor to look at your room aesthetically beautiful. It highly recommended to put you Tallboy NZ in the background and keeps it at the centre as much as possible for visual balance.

  • Placing of other furniture-

It is also an important criterion to make the ambience of your room pleasant. Especially the mirror, if you keep the mirror just by the side of the Tallboy, you must ensure that the width of the mirror should be half of the Tallboy.

  • Personalization- 

Decorate the top of the Tallboy with a flower pot, image frame, seal, etc. It will multiply in the beauty of your room, and in this way, it can also utilize the space to keep valuable.

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