A Healthy Toilet Can Keep the Germs Away

Often the toilets are treated as a house where we go in the morning to pee or undergo extended morning latrine sessions. But is that all? The cleanliness is of an utmost importance. The toilets need to be cleaned on regular basis to make it germ-free. But it is normally a hectic task for a family with working mothers. So, the modern toilets are built with the objective of an automatic cleansing of microbes.


The toilets are of high technology. They do not use their hands or a tissue paper. Rather, the work is completely simple with the use of a water system that is temperature controlled. Some of the toilets are also facilitated with the automatic driers. The toilets are warmed with the use of LED lights. The toilets can also be cleaned by themselves which are accessible by the “antimicrobial seats”.

The toilet seats are designed with contemporary styles adding a luxurious look to the toilet. The closing of the bowls is done in a silent fashion. Some of the awesome features of these toilets are the following:

  1. The hinges are stabilized that can shift side to side hence providing the user comfort to handle.
  2. The closing of the lid is quite smooth in nature.
  3. Most of the toilets are easy to clean by the use of a switch which does not require additional tools to clean up.
  4. Any kind of bacterial, microbial or mold growth is curbed down because the UV rays kill the germs readily.
  5. It is very easy to install the toilets.
  6. The seats are durable enough because they are made out of high-quality


The toilets come in two types. Some are capable of cleaning themselves while some are not. The later comes in a fashion that it cleanses the buttocks with the help of a remote control mechanism. They are mostly coded by the colors to indicate the amount of the portion that is cleaned. The pink color is usually used to signify frontal wash phenomenon, the yellow is for the dry wash. The seats are generally very comfortable to rest on because of the incubation chamber that does not make one feel clumsy in the chilly nights. There is also an automatic energy saver to save the energy and limit the power consumption.


The microbes that are stuck to the seats can be easily removed by the built-in agents that can deal well with the microbes. There is also an additional feature of the 12V thermal circuit in the most luxurious toilet versions which automatically kill the bacteria and the molds. The heating agents are always an additional help in the form of the disinfectants.


The washing that is developed by the chambers is such that besides the automatic driers, there is also a deodorant that removes any of the bad odors. The flushing quality of the toilet bowl is very advanced and is also a perfect one for the elite class people. Though these toilets are costly, the qualities of the toilets are worth the cost. The all-new cyclone flushing technique is gaining popularity with some of the toilets.


Toilets can be some pretty good moments that can be relished. But for such moments, they need to be highly updated with the recent technologies which will actually match the present generation. The world is changing and so is each and every corner of a house to needs to be changed. You can get more resources here on www.harneymfg.com to know more about such healthy toilets. Thewell-equipped toilets can be one of the best addition to your home.

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