Revolutionary timber flooring product has landed in Australia

While engineered SPC flooring is widely adopted, some are still reluctant to adopt a vinyl option over the naturally changing pattern of timber. Visually, low-quality vinyl timber flooring is easily spotted with a lack of differentiating pattern that visitors could see similar patterns being laid beside each other.

However, a solution is created and, now, it has landed in Australia. Brought to you by, may we please welcome – SPC timber floor.

Merging the benefits of both authentic timber and SPC floor

While most looking between timber floor and engineered SPC floor, most will encounter a dilemma between the rigidity and integrity of SPC flooring but the natural warmth and cosiness from real wood.

As both worlds collided recently, you can have real wood on top of SPC now. Based on the existing structure of engineered vinyl SPC floor, the vinyl on top of the rigid core technology is replaced with a thin timber veneer.

Embedding authentic timber is not an easy task with the attention-to-detail required to trim a thin slice of timber with minimal thickness difference. The thickness of multiple veneers has to be maintained as well for them to offer a flat surface when installed.

With the technical difficulties sorted out, the veneer is processed, including rot- and mould-resistance, before being sandwiched between the SPC layer and the durable LED UV coating. The extra EZ-Clean coating and the durability layer ensure the SPC timber floor remain in great shape over intensive traffic and scratches.

The use of SPC technology meant you can still enjoy all the benefits of engineered SPC flooring, including water resistance, fast and secure clip-on installation, sound dampening and pet-proof while still enjoying the naturally differentiating pattern of authentic timber.

Solving the disadvantages of timber

While the pattern naturally varies with SPC timber as compared to vinyl flooring options, the marriage of SPC and timber removes most shortcomings of authentic timber boards

The maintenance required, to begin with, is minimal with rigid core timber flooring. Refinishing is unnecessary while cleaning is much easier. The worry of water spilling on a wood floor and spoiling the timber beneath is no longer a thing as the top coating and the rigid core are both waterproof, which also meant your coffee spills won’t leave a stain.


While many living in houses using authentic timber board fear of pets because of the scratches that are likely to be made, you can safely enjoy great playtime with your pet as SPC timber is highly resistant to scratches. In fact, the patented wholesaler of SPC timber flooring in Australia is proud to offer lifetime residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty to its SPC timber products.

Installing of SPC timber floors is much easier without the need for nailing or glueing. Same as SPC flooring, the innovative solution uses a clip-on system that is suitable for amateur DIY as well.

If you are looking for SPC timber floors online, there are ways to differentiate from generic retailers and the authorised retailers other than the warranties mentioned above. SPC timber flooring are currently available in Australia with variants in Australian Hardwood and Oak. And now, you can enjoy the texture of authentic wood with all the goodness from SPC.

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