Things to Bear in Mind when Choosing Houseplants

In recent times, many people are embracing having houseplants in the home for various reasons. The interior design industry has evolved over the years, with new trends emerging now and then. Before choosing a suitable houseplant for any home, the owners should know about pots, jars, and hangers for plants as they will come in handy in their journey of having plants in the house. Another aspect that is vital to note from the onset is the variety of houseplants available. One can choose to have a mixture of the various options available or stick to one family only. Here are some things to consider that will help you select the ideal houseplants. 

Family composition 

Houseplants are placed within the home. Some are small, while others are big. The family composition will affect the choice of a houseplant for different reasons. Families with children and pets require plants that they can keep out of the way. Pets are likely to chew on house plants or play around them. Some of the options that one may be interested in may contain toxic properties harmful to the pets. Children run around the house and may play with the plants time and again. Before buying any of the plants that one is interested in, it is best to review the family composition to determine if it will fit in the home and thrive or not. 

Placement in the home 

Before buying a houseplant, one should know where they are going to place it in the home. The placement is critical as one has to assess the room conditions to see whether they are conducive for the plant or not. Lighting and temperature are the two conditions that one must check. Plants require light to process their food, which is why this aspect is crucial. The spring and summer room temperatures are favorable for plants, but the winter temp is not ideal. Some plants may survive the winter cold, but some species will die as soon as the temperature goes below certain degrees. Other than the room conditions, where one places the plant in the home is vital as it dictates whether the addition adds to the aesthetics of the room or not. 

Size of the plant 

Some plants are small even when fully matured, while others grow to be significant. When buying houseplants, one should research to know the plant’s size when it grows to maturity. Some plants grow vertically, others horizontally, while others are climbers. Knowing this aspect is crucial as it will help one make an informed decision on the ideal one to buy that will fit in the space they have without any hassle. In most cases, the larger the plant, the higher the price. Therefore, the size of the plant affects the cost, among other factors. 

Cacti and succulents are the best choices for beginners as they do not require too much attention. Houseplants in this species can go for long periods without water making them the best choice for people who travel regularly or have tight work schedules.

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