Best Landscape Gardening Ideas for spring

As the weather heats up in Australia and plants begin to flower, it’s the perfect time to start a gardening project. These activities will bring new life into your yard this season, giving it a refreshing feel. Here are some of the best landscape gardening ideas for spring.

Plant Just One Tree

Plantings a single tree is such an easy yet rewarding way to enjoy the potential spring brings to your garden. Once the tree has a solid root base, it requires little maintenance but can drastically improve the appeal of your backyard. The key is to pick a tree that adds colour and life to your home, a few things to consider when choosing a tree are: lifespan, maintenance and whether or not it is deciduous. (Loses it’s leaves in Autumn)

There are a huge amount of trees to pick from. To avoid any risks, try a Japanese maple. These trees grow well and their leaves change colours beautifully throughout the year. They all offer colour, structure, and texture that can enhance the aesthetics of your yard.

Mulch your garden beds

Mulch is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the health and aesthetics of your garden beds. Also adding dark brown wood chip mulch next to your green lawn creates an eye catching contrast between the two spaces.

If dark bark isn’t your thing, there are many mulch colours that can flavour up your landscape instead. For example, red, dark, gold, and cedar-toned are some of the ideal choices for you. Choose a cool colour and texture, spread it well and enjoy the benefits of moisture retention and aesthetics. You can always employ a local landscaper to source and deliver mulch to you. For our local gardening enthusiasts check out Landscaping services Ballarat for mulching, garden edging, retaining walls and much more.

Native plants

For a low-maintenance landscaping alternative, go with local plants. They require little care, hence no need for regular watering or additional protection in the winter. Depending on your region, find the right the right species that can adapt to your environment.

Garden Edging

If your lawn tends to morph into your shrubbery or spread into your front walk, some unique edging could perk up your yard. In such a situation, you don’t have to prune, cut, or water your lawn. You can define your walkway with everyday items. For example, you can use coloured hock sticks or wine bottles to line a path. For the bottles, ensure they are planted neck down in the soil. Moreover, low-maintenance ground covers are ideal options for edging. It has been discovered that plants, such as vinca, lamb’s ear, and pachysandra, can add colour and texture to your garden.

Create a Focal Point That’s Brings Happy Memory

Your own interests and joys are extraordinary motivation to add colour and texture to your spring landscape. Have a go at making a point of convergence with something that brings back a glad memory. For example, you can turn your old toy truck, tricycle, or car into a colourful planter.

Final Thoughts

Your yard is an impression of you. To make your home more valuable and appealing, you need to implement useful gardening ideas, such as planting native trees, adding mulching to your yard, and edging your lawn.

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