Installation of Solar Panels for the Preparation of Hot Water

In order to install solar panels for heating water and get maximum efficiency from them, it is necessary to the maximum possible angle at which the solar panel will work 65 degrees).

Remember that the effectiveness of panels can reduce the shadow of trees, buildings, chimneys, etc.

Some panels require regular contact checks or wiping the glass panel with a mild detergent. Keep in mind that this can be quite problematic when the panels are on your roof.

Before choosing a location for the solar hot water installation, pay attention to whether you need to apply for planning permission to install your solar panel.

You will not need planning permission for most domestic solar panels; they are good for certain size criteria, but exceptions apply to some buildings, buildings in nature conservation areas and World Heritage sites.

Installation of Solar Water Heating Panels

The solar water heating system includes pipelines, a thermostat, and a hot water heater.

You can add solar water heating panels to most existing hot water systems, although you usually need to add an additional circuit for pre-heated water or change the parameters of your single circuit to a double circuit.

It is technologically problematic to use a solar water heating system with a combined boiler (which prepares hot water and water for the heating circuit). Some combination boilers of the latest models accept pre-heated water, so contact the manufacturer to clarify this information.

How to Maximize the Efficiency of a Solar Water Heater

In October 2011, the EST specialized magazine published the results of its field trials of 88 Solar hot water installation water systems. It was found that proper installation, insulation of pipes and water tanks, played a big role in increasing the performance of the solar hot water system, so you can save more money on heating by following the installation recommendations.

You can also improve the solar water heating system if the pumps and timers are installed correctly, according to the attached operating instructions for them. EST also found that in some homes, the lack of insulation for hot water and pipe insulation led to lower performance due to losses. They also found that solar hot water treatment systems worked efficiently, and 84% of the people participating in the study were very surprised and pleased with their new system.

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