Sash Window Glazing Options

Sash windows are one of the traditional and basic varieties of windows. These are the windows where there will be sashes which allow the vertical moment of the glasses. To improvise these traditional windows, to achieve a modern approach and to suit the current needs there are a lot of variations used. One of such variations is to use glazing. The Sash Windows London offers a variety of glazing options

A little more about windows – Especially Sash

A lot of glass varieties are used for sash windows. Some of them are float glass, tempered glass and laminated glass. The glass can be single glazed, double glazed even triple glazed. The single glazed glass is the one which is improved by toughening and tinting. Double glazing means two glass panes will be fitted such that there is a gap inside filled by either air or gas.  When we use three glass panes it can be called triple glazing. The main purpose of glazing is to avoid transfer of heat or noise from exterior to the interior of home and to provide better insulation. The glazing is important in order to make the windows more suitable for all types of weather conditions. Through glazing the longevity and the durability of the windows will increase. They can perform efficiently in all types of weathers and provide the best protection.

The variance of the glazing can be achieved by

  • Altering the glazing material like tinted glazing
  • Using reflective coatings,
  • Using low-emittance coatings
  • By assembling different layers of glazing.

The performance of the glazed windows depends on a variety of factors such as materials used for modification and design of the glazed windows.

There are lots of options available such as textured glass, acid etched glass, toughened glass, patterned glass, double glazed sealed units, sand blasted glass and laminated glass. Out of all these options we have to choose the most suitable one for our exact requirement. By mixing and matching the glasses and techniques we can get our customized wooden sash windows.

By glazing the sash windows we can reduce the energy bill, reduce the carbon foot print and reduce the condensation on the windows. There will be fewer gaps and cold spots. This will increase the value of the home. They will reduce the pollution and dust ingress into the hose. The home will become insulated. They also will insulate the home from the external noise.

Take care about condensation during winter which causes built up of humidity in the interior side of the window and between the panes in case of double glaze windows. Keep the small window always open to avoid moisture. When there is excessive condensation, deal with it immediately.

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