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A wooden door’s door core is made of natural wood, dried before being processed. That is to say that solid wood doors can be bought in various woods, making a difference in the price. Current consumption of materials is oak, ash, rosewood, elm, beech, etc. The door is strongly suggested for beauty because China is a country with an abundance of wood resources.

All solid wood door demand high quality, but it is beautiful and luxurious—the precision of modern technology and wood that have been cut with the traditional hand carver technology integration. The doors in the market are mainly made of various types of wood. The first door is a High-end solid wood door; the second door is a pure solid wood door.

High-end solid wood doors are usually made from rare woods such as rosewood, walnut, cedar and mahogany. A nice teak wood door can be sold up to RMB3000-4000 yuan.

A solid wood door requires more professional carpentry skills. Well dehydrated and de-greased, because they crack easily. That’s why we should choose solid wood door manufacturers.

Besides, it also comes in solid core door or plywood doors.

  1. Solid core doors are more than twice as heavy as hollow core doors. This is slightly more expensive but will provide many years of long life. The type that we are reviewing in this article, the solid core door looks like a strip of wood that may have been milled and planed from a single log. These are composite doors.
  2. Lightweight plywood door with a good decorative effect. The panels are generally imported from abroad, so they give people the feeling of simple and lightweight.

The type of Majestic is the identity of successful people. The door is made from 6-panel veneer. These doors are commonly used on exteriors, but they will sometimes be used indoors. Remember that solid wood is prone to shrink and expand with changing temperatures and humidity. So, it’s best not to use solid wood for the sauna and bathroom.

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