What are the advantages of chalk paint?

Chalk paint is the trending option in the painting industry. As the world is moving towards antique, you should understand the advantage of chalk paint. Chalk paint is one old technique that is used to paint. Chalk paint includes the process of painting the surface with easily available techniques and options. The term chalk paint has the trademark among all the color experts and artists. This can be used in furniture and cabinets. The use of this paint is not limited. You can even use this paint on the wall surfaces apart from furniture and cabinet. The matte finish of the paint and the antique look creates a craze among many people to use chalk paint. The pain contains finest granules to give the matte finish with mineral base. This gives the distress look among all the furniture. There are various benefits to choose chalk paint. Some of them are explained here.

  • Unique look – The furniture with dough finish will give unique and charm for the furniture pieces. With the use of chalk paint, you can be creative and enhance the appearance. With the use of chalk paint, you can create old furniture pieces and make the way of coloring in different technique. The matte finish of the paint will give the elegant look. If you wish to check for the result of chalk paint.
  • Easy to paint – To paint with chalk, you do not have to be experienced. Since the style and look of chalk paint will be different and unique, you can choose any brush with strokes and styles. This will enhance the overall look and create a simple and neat finish.

  • Sanding is not necessary – Mostly furniture or any surface will require sanding to give neat finish. But with the chalk paint, it is not necessary or compulsory. It will give proper finishing even though you make it without sanding. The surface will be unique and the imperfection will look good with painting over and over.
  • No need of primer – Primer is the base of painting. But with the chalk paint, it is not necessary to apply the primer. We can directly apply the chalk paint. This will give the perfect finishing for the furniture.
  • Odor free – Paints have strong odor which will provide the uneasy feel inside the room. The strong smell will stay inside home for longer period. But chalk paints are odorless and they are even non-toxic. This can be painted by having the furniture inside the room.
  • Eco friendly – Since the ingredients used with the paint are all organic. This is a eco friendly substance. This can be used everywhere like plastic, metal, ceramic and glass. Its usage is not limited to wooden surface.

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