Kitchen Appliances You Must Have if You’re a Health Conscious Person

Are you a health conscious person? Do you dedicate a lot of your energy and money following a good diet and trying to eat healthily? Well, this may cost you a tonne since those restaurants who serve salads and protein shakes will rip you off for their good. Eating healthy or losing weight is not a one or two day process. It’s more of a habit or a lifestyle that you need to maintain throughout.

You may not want to spend a lot of your income on just salads, while you can make salads and awesomely healthy food at home by yourself. Here are 5 kitchen appliances you need to have so that you can make your own healthy food. These kitchen appliances surely are a good investment and profitable in the long run. You can make healthy food not just for yourself but also for your family in a lot of yummy ways!


Drinking one glass of juice every day is important for you to gain all the nutrients you want, without adding any extra calories to your diet. You can choose different fruits and vegetables per day or you can mix them together for a healthy glass of juice.


A blender is helpful when you need to make a smoothie or soup. Add all you want with a few soaked grains and some milk with a few ice cubes to make a chilled and healthy smoothie. You can make soups with all the veggies you love with the help of a blender. Making smoothies or soups are not exclusive for you, you can make yummy soups and smoothies for your kids and family whenever you want.

Vegetable spiralizer or slicer

A vegetable spiralizer helps you cut thin slices or strands of the vegetables you need to eat much like noodles. They are lighter and can be mixed with a healthy sauce or some yogurt to better the taste. Thick raw veggies might taste really bad and this is why a spiralizer should be used.

A slicer, on the other hand, helps you cut your veggies into thin small slices and you can save time on chopping them with your knife while you are in a hurry to get to the office.

Electric Scales

Electric scales are much accurate than your old kitchen scales. These scales are a necessity to measure your calorie consumption per day. If you want to have a balanced diet, you need to have one f these scales in your kitchen.

Food processor

A food processor helps you cut your vegetables into small bits like rice. You can get green vegetables like cauliflower or cabbage processed with this appliance. Once it’s done you can mix it with a tasty gravy; It will be just like eating rice, but much healthier rice.

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