7 Online Money Management Tools For Homeowners

When it comes to purchasing a home as a first-timer, you might have opted for loans such as first time home buyer grants Houston and saved a lot of money for the down payment. This is one of the biggest challenges for a first time home buyer. He or she has to have a lot of money saved.

If you’ve recently bought a house, then congratulations! However, it is best to know that owning a home takes a toll on your budget. You have to manage your money properly so you can have enough to cover all the house expenses and new furniture you just bought.

So without further ado, here are some seven online money management tools that are perfect for homeowners.


This is a mobile app which is an online banking account that offers fee-free checking including the ingenious little app for your phone. This makes it quite easy to set goals for your savings for special purposes and leaves you with a certain amount that is safe for you to spend. This way you know the amount of money that’s available to you aside from your saving goals and scheduled expenses.


This is a free mobile app which offers customizable savings rules and supports your saving goals. You can use this to round up your purchases which were done via card or schedule payments into accounts for your goals.

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If you want to start investing, the Acorns app is one great way to help you achieve your goal. You can link it to your debit and credit cards. As a result, your purchases can be rounded up to the nearest dollar while you can put all the spare change into your account that’s exclusive for investments. You can easily balance your accounts before the month ends including dollar amounts. This app costs around $1 per month, but it is free for all college students for four years.


When it comes to combining the bill and budgeting payments, there’s the Mint app. You can use this to monitor your credit score and stay on top of your bills. Its built-in tools make it easy to save and analyze your current spending habits.


Mvelopes is based on the envelope budgeting tradition where you put cash in envelopes periodically. This is usually done to save enough money to pay off a bill. This app uses this style to budget your accounts. It costs as much as $4 per month. It includes financial coaching and higher levels of subscription.

Good Budget

Great budget? Get a good budget. It’s somewhat similar to the envelope budgeting system. However, this can sync your budget with your significant other, so you are both on the same page when it comes to your spending and saving activities.

Clarity Money

Lastly, there’s Clarity Money which helps cancel subscriptions and accounts that you don’t use anymore. It also helps check any fraudulent activities, enables you to save, keeps your credit score high and provides better deals on your current credit cards. Pretty great, right?

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